Inward Outward Upward Studios

Look Inward to find oneself, look Outward to find others and look Upward to find your purpose.

In the process of creating any type of art we discover within ourself a deeper and more passionate meaning to life itself'



Collaboration is the Art of compromise and creation and that's at the heart of the IOU studios.

Whether its music, photography, videos, painting, literature or any artistic endeavor you are either directly collaborating or indirectly collaborating by viewing art works of other artist and then giving it your own creation.

Music Studio

We record and create our music in a live no click track, no autotune live environment to give an old vintage tape music recording sound.

Literature Studio

The act of taking what lives within ones brain and putting into words has throughout history both entertained and transformed history. 


Photography Studio

Erik Mackey is a photographer and Video Producer out of Lansing MIchigan.


Stefan Mackey           Painting

Stefan Mackey is my brother who is a “Master Style Oil Painter” out of New York City


The path to any life if admitted truthfully will always be difficult and almost impossible if one is not willing to be humble. Enter this site if truth to your joy and fullfillment is what you seek.

If you have questions or would in anyway like to collaborate with IOU Studios feel free to contact us anytime