Random Spiritual Insights


True Wisdom comes not from following the world but from following the Word.

If you don't start somewhere how are you going to end up anywhere.

Its not whose right or wrong but it's what is right or wrong.

If you feel or hear a darkened or violent heart from someone then pray for that someone as if it was your dear loving mother breathing her very last gasp of breath and if you feel or hear a genuine loving heart from someone then listen and stamp to your heart every word they speak as if you were a dry sponge in a barren a desert seeking it's very last drop of water.

God's greatest command is "Love me with all your Heart with all your Soul with all your Strength and with all your mind"

God is not tempted by Evil nor does God temp us with Evil God is all loving.

God's justice is always perfect. God's says that He will come to judge us and we know it to be true, we know God is real but we still suppress the fact that God's Wrath is coming.

There is no refuge from Him only in Him.

God's Will is greater than our own desires


In the beginning all there was was God, I'am

Were to read the Bible with a Christ centered view.

The things that we can see are temporal a mirage of external satisfaction the things unseen are eternal and Sacred and reside within the heart or soul.

Trust in the Lord, Delight in the Lord, and commit your way to the Lord.

God is not pleased by good intentions.

God's promise to you is God.

To God our failures are never final.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

The most important question in life. How might a Sinner be saved? The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ through His Mercy and suffering we find Salvation through Grace.

"What good is it if a man claims to have Faith but has no Deeds, they have belief without behavior. Thus Jesus says, I say to you what ever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me"

James says Faith by itself if not accompanied by action is dead.

"Unless a man is born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of God"

We are not God's children by birth, or baptism or good works, we are God's children by spiritual regeneration and Grace and become adopted and reborn as God's spiritual children through our belief in Christ as our Savior.

What is Fear of the Lord, respect, worship. understanding you cannot know the mysteries of God without the Holy Spirit's conviction and being reborn in the knowledge that only through Jesus Christ can one understand and receive Salvation period...

Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God.

The only true measure of righteousness is Jesus.

All our righteous deeds are but filthy rags.

If there's any boasting to be done it is not about oneself but about the Lord.

Fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our Faith.

Our hearts are far more wicked than we know.

Resurrection, Ascension, and Dominion, the power of Jesus Christ.

God is all knowing He all powerful and He is everywhere all at the same time

Great is the mystery of Godliness.

The flesh lust against the Spirit.

Christianity says become by Grace what you are, religion says become by self effort what your not.

The beginning of self mastery is to be mastered by Christ.

Present our bodies as a living Sacrifice to God.

"There is no other Gospel but the Gospel of Grace and there is no other Gospel but the Gospel of Christ. Salvation by Grace alone. All of my righteousness is as filthy rags to the Father. His blood is my only righteousness"

Just because its harsh doesn't mean its not true.

Tolerate the things done to you but don't tolerate a False Gospel.

Love the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and live as his Will.

The way you learn to pray is to pray.

To grow in humility must acknowledge our weaknesses, must be constantly curious.

A lost sheep can never find its way back to the fold on its own.

A love for Christ that surpasses knowledge.

The name "Jesus" comes from the root word "Too Save" He comes to save us from our Sin.

In humility think not of yourself but consider others as more important than yourself.

The things that are seen are transient and the things that are unseen are eternal.

To you it has been given to know the secrets of God but for others it is in parables. Jesus says I speak in parables so that seeing they may not see and hearing they may not understand.

"Everyone who acknowledges me before men I will acknowledge before our Father who is in Heaven but anyone who denies me before men I will deny them before our Father who is in Heaven"

The written word of God introduces us to the Living Word of God through Jesus.

The Word of God accomplishes the Will of God by the Spirit of God.

"Every man does not live by bread alone but by every word of God"

It's not just a matter of information but of transformation.

The secret things belong to the Lord our God.

"Let not your hearts be troubled"
"I 'am the way the life and no one gets to the Father except through me"

"The Beginning of Wisdom is the knowledge of God"

We are totally Dead, totally Corrupt and totally Lost.

The proof of Faith is repentance.

Three things that will prevent you from hearing the word of God Anger, filling mind with filth, harboring ill feelings of un-forgiveness towards others.

The Lord knows them that are His.

The Bible from Genesis to Revelation is Gods story of how for the glory of His name is reconciling and claiming all things for Himself.

God did not create to save principles He created to Save people.

The overall arching purpose of God is to have a people of His own and to have those people like His Son Jesus Christ.

The very first message Christ gave to the world was, The Kingdom has come and I'am the King, Repent and believe in the Gospel.

No man can save himself only God can save a man. We need God to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, change our heart and truly repent.

Humility is a precursor to Wisdom. You never met a wise woman or man who was proud. God resist the proud and gives Grace to the Humble.

False Wisdom says that God is for me when actually God is for His own Glory False Wisdom is for today and does not see Eternity. There is no Truth except what you feel is true for His happiness.

The renewing of our mind and taking taking every thought captive. We are reborn and thus we must watch and manage all our thoughts according to God's Word.

How do we come to a belief in Christ as our Lord and Savior. As we read the Gospel the Holy Spirit comes over us and convicts us of the Truth of the of the Lord. The work of the Holy Spirit is always to lead us to the Savior Christ. The result is our Faith is not built on human wisdom but in the power of God. Entirely given without our own merits. God enables us to believe but does not believe for us.

Sanctification putting to death all those things within you that lead you away from the Will of the Lord.

Church membership is a commitment to Christ not the Pastor. Church membership is not outward but inward. The church belongs to Jesus Christ and was purchased by His blood on the Cross.

True Wisdom God is for God and He wants us to surrender to His Praise and He will see to our needs and Eternal Salvation. True Wisdom leads to the fullest life possible you let go to gain it.

Of the Gospel we are not inventors but heralds.

"The path to destruction is wide and many will enter but the door to Heaven is narrow"

To gain True Wisdom through the Bible not by memory or theory.

The preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness but to those of us who are Saved is the power of God.

Jesus does not convey the Word Jesus is the Word. He teaches externally through the Bible and He teaches us internally through the Spirit.

His heavy hand is His caring for you, His wrath would not to be heavy handed with you but to let you do what ever you want. His heavy handiness is His love for you.

You drag darkness into the light its the only way it loses it's power.

What gives life to the lifeless the Spirit of God.

Timeless message Fear God and Give Him Glory!! All Scripture is inspired by God.

God cannot do anything against His nature and He is perfect pure goodness thus He cannot lie and cannot die.

As Christians we are not allowed to believe what we want. He either is or he isn't.

"Everyone will bow their knee and their tongue will proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord some with a shout of anguish and others with a shout of Joy"

Satin is a liar and is the Father of lies.

You need to live in God's Will and God's way in this world.

To die is too gain.

Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy.

What do you do if you lack Wisdom and how do you obtain Wisdom, ask God simply and properly, humbly and with sure assurance of Faith, believing resting and Trusting in our Heavenly Father.

Thus we should never be discouraged because we can always take it to the Lord in Prayer.

Fools despise Wisdom and discipline.

Worthiness is the Lamb of God.

The overall purpose of God is for Him to have a people and for these people to believe in His son.

"Do not store up treasures on earth where moths and rust and thieives steal, but store up those things from the Father and His higher calling"

God says it, I believe it, that settles it, Amen.

A lonely Faith is a dead Faith.

"Jesus says, I tell you the Truth you will never see the kingdom of Heaven unless you are born again thus Deeds are not grounds for entry into Heaven but your Deeds are proof your born again in Faith in Jesus"

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge and Wisdom"

Because God's whole priority is for His own Grace and Glory this means you are not the center of the universe thus the more the World is about you the more angry and frustrated you become the more the world is about Glorifying God the more free you become and the more your life becomes filled with true Joy.

Even your own personal Faith is given to you by God through Grace thus we have no right for any type of pride all good things are given to us as a gift to Glorify Him.

An enlightened Church must Glorify God, and practice the "Great Commandment" and "Great Commission"

If you really want to get to know what's in your heart hang out with people and really let yourself be known.

Greatest gift a parent can give to their children is teaching them to be dependently. dependent on God.

We are born with an Evil nature and thus our Will is to go towards evil thus we must be regenerated our heart must be transformed by God and thus a new will and nature that wants to follow Gods Will and then there is going to be fruit for those who believe in Christ.

The Evidence that you have a new relationship with God is that you have a new relationship with Sin.

The mark of a man who knows God is love.

Be not anxious about anything but Pray for everything.

If you are innocent you want justice but If your guilty you want Mercy.

The Lord said He will give mercy if you are merciful but not to the merciless.

Be not of this world but be transformed. For one cannot be friends of the World and friends of Christ at the same time.

"A Servant is not greater than his Master if they persecuted me they will persecute you"

"In the second coming of Christ all will see Him and all will cry some will cry Jesus I have been waiting for you and others will cry in anguish Jesus I did not believe in you"

Genuine Faith will bear fruit. and lead to obedience.

"Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"

God does not give us Blessings for ourselves but so that we may Bless others.

When one becomes touched by the Holy Spirit one becomes for the first time truly free to be the original authentic person that God from your very conception planned for you to be.

We are born into inequity, sinful.

We prefer the creation (new cars, new homes, new spouse) rather than the creator.

We prefer lies over Truth. We justify God's commands to our own way and justify to our own needs not God's actual Truth. We do what we feel is right.

"Remember if the world hates you it hated me first"

We fail to acknowledge that all gifts come from God thus we elevate our sense of self and look down on others of less talent.

"Jesus says in this world you will have trouble but take heart for I have overcome this World"

"In your various trials count as joy, the testing of our Faith brings steadfastness"

"I'am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end"

It's very difficult to see God's sovereignty, what He allows to happen is for the good plan in God's Will

The record of Debt has been Cancelled by crucifixion of Christ we are guiltless past, present and future.

The Gospel is the remedy to the problem of the heart nothing else will solve it.

God is at work in the mess, He is the refiner of all things.

True and genuine Disciples live and abide in the Word of God because it is their only Spiritual food.

We find our life in the word because it alone brings us the Truth.

Don't let anyone distract you from the core that all things are to glorify and praise Christ, not about how you worship, what you wear, Satan's goal is always to take your focus away from Jesus.

Those who love the world do not have love for the Father.

The mind is the entrance point of the Soul.

God does not need us and does not owe us anything but none the less allows us through His Son to call Him Father.

If you want to feel safe have no secrets.

God does not save us because we deserve to be Saved.
God saves us because He is a Savior and
God does not love us because He needs our love He loves us because He is Love.

"He who began a good work will finish it"

"If you continue in my Word than you truly are Disciples of mine And thus if you do not continue in His word you cannot be Disciple thus evidence is you do continue in His Word"

They continue in His Word and prove themselves Disciples.

Anyone who does not bear fruit is damned.

Without Holiness no one can see the Glory of the Lord.

"Be thou Faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life"

In Christ you become totally satisfied and yet at the same time you become totally unsatisfied with wanting to know more and more about Christ.

"By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned"

To live is Christ and to die is to gain.

"No temptation has over taken you that is not common to man but He has offered you the escape to overcome"

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Baptism must be a confession of Truth and belief not just an act of being dumped in water.

Nobody can have God as his Father without having the Church as his Mother.

Where ever the Holy Spirit is there is humility and the exaltation of Jesus Christ and everything else fades.

The Gospel is Greek for "Good News" in order to understand the "Good News" must understand the bad news, this World is broken.

"Unless you become like a little child you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

You can speak against Christ However you will not be forgiven for speaking against the Holy Spirit.

To preach Christ is to preach the whole content of the Bible.

God spoke to king David that in the line of David there would be a perfect and Eternal Savior. Finally on 63BC the Romans hold God's people the stage is set for fulfillment Caesar Augustus claims all will pay taxes from their home town thus Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem where Ruth and Boaz had David and fulfillment, Christ the child savior is born proclaims the good news of His kingdom thus the miracles were to show He is the king, God in the flesh.

Some see Christ as a picture in a stained glass a nativity scene to be put in a box, a rambling preacher who did magic tricks, in truth He is Sovereign God, Prince of Peace, Savior of all time.

"Well done good and Faithful servant" Describes what we want to hear upon the calling of the final trumpets"

Knowledge will fade but love is for eternity.

Our power is by how we show love
God is love.

When I'am weak I'am strong. The weaker I get the stronger I become. Dependency is the goal thus boasting is weakness. The purpose of life is not to find yourself but to lose yourself.

Intellectual pursuit of Doctrine is not Salvation.

God's love goes beyond understanding if you have knowledge it is a gift of God. Love allows knowledge to have power.

You must confess to man God in words deeds and truth.

In repentance Jesus is not asking us to mourn or be concerned over others Sins but to mourn over our own Sin.

Repentance is a command True Repentance changes the whole inner man. A man who refuses to turn it's Will to Christ they are not truly repentant. True Repentance wants more than deliverance to Hell. True Repentance wants to be delivered from Sin a turning away from the old and turning to Christ should elevate your heart and cause you to Rejoice.

Faith is only proven when tested
Trials come and go to help build us.

When you pray, often the only word needed is Father.

Covenant of Redemption - "God Head" Father Son and Holy Spirit Through all of time past, present, future, through all space Heaven and Earth the Father Son and holy Spirit are in dominion.

Covenant of Works- Adam and Eve "Don't eat apple and live blissfully, eat apple and knowledge of good and evil and find death
Our Sins first faced by works condemnation then by Faith glorification then by Grace your undeserved justification.

Covenant of Grace- Fulfilled Messiah your undeserved Salvation.

Old Testament - Promised Redeemer.
New Testament - Fulfilled Messiah.

"Loving God with all my heart mind soul and strength"

Living life with God centered focus.

Willing to tell someone the truth whether its good news or bad news.

The flesh profits nothing.

"By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned"

You can speak against Christ However you will not be forgiven for speaking against the Holy Spirit.

To preach Christ is to preach the whole content of the Bible.

"Well done good and Faithful servant" Describes what we want to hear upon the calling of the final trumpets"

Knowledge will fade but love is for eternity
Our power is by how we show love
Good is love.

Gods love goes beyond understanding if you have knowledge it is a gift of God. Love allows knowledge to have power.

Our Sins first faced by works condemnation then by Faith glorification then by Grace your undeserved justification.

"No man can come to me unless it given to him by the Father"

By our own nature we have no natural desire to seek Christ thus we must be given the Holy Ghost through Grace.

God is to feel Spirit and truth of Christ.

Does Christ dwell within me- Do I have Joy and peace.

Do I have a conscience of a someone else or an indwelling Spirit within the heart.

He who trust in himself is a fool.

We are always fighting a war on three fronts, against the World, against the Flesh and against the Devil.

Our hearts are far more wicked than we know.

There is no degree of sin in which the strongest Saint may not fall if not Saved by the sustaining Grace of God.

I have come so that you will have life and have life abundantly.

"Nobody will know the day or timing of the coming of Christ it is a secret. The return of Jesus will be sudden, like a thief in the night. It is that we do not know the exact moment of His coming that we must be ready at all times. His coming will be spectacular a moment never before seen. His coming will be a separation a shout of Joy or cry of anguish"

Gods purpose for us is to have eternal life For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Anything short of perfection is Sin for only God is perfection.

The wages of Sin is death. For only one payment is except able to God for Sin the death in Christ.

In the "2nd Death" sinners are separated from God.

The Bible says 92 times "Do not fear"

Your Joy is that your name is written in Heaven.

The Cross becomes the bridge Christ is the only one perfect enough to pay our penalties

Christ's death for me is my sole ground for hope before God

The nature of man does not see the need of a Savior.

The foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom.

Faith must proceed Baptism.

Repentance Faith Baptism Communion.

It is a commandment to be Baptized.

Baptism is confession in faith in Christ.

Humility is to think of ourselves with sober judgment

God opposes the proud.

He saves us not by our righteousness but by His mercy and gives us a place at his table

There are two things that last forever the word of God and man.

Love God with all your heart soul mind and strength.

"Forget the former things and do not dwell on the past take off the old and put on new"

Most of us spend our time embellishing our good sides and hiding or faults.

Extraordinary kindness includes inviting people into our lives

Even when we don't have much we must give what we can.

God is less concerned with our present discomfort and more with our eternal salvation. If we must endure current pain to gain future salvation it's God's Will.

God will never give up on us even if we give up on ourselves. God is forever patient with us and has no limit in strength or forgiveness.

It is not God's desire that we live a "Jacob" life of where we ignore God and try to do things on our own and suffer trials but wants us to live a Joseph life where we patiently endure our trials and never lose Faith but relax and allow God to work His will within us.

Christianity is a mind engaging activity and the Bible will teach you about yourself and about God and how you should think and act.

We don't worship the Bible but the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ says to God change all their indebtedness to my account , Christ bears all the punishment that we sinners deserve.

Christ's gift is submission, pride prevents us from receiving this free gift.

Christ washes the feet of his apostles "I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you"

Turning water into wine, raising Lazarus from the dead, walking on water, turning fishes and loaves into baskets of food, Sermon on the Mount, the powerful will be made low and lowly will be made high.

The Gospel is all the stories of how we here on earth have turned our backs on God. God must somehow look upon us sinners without displeasure and we must look upon God without fear of Christ death, God's wrath turns away from us and is taken up by Christ.

Being a Christian is not a private matter we are a family in Christ.

Two little thought of critical Sins are Gluttony and Worry which Scripture says can be defeated with Kindness and Truthfulness.

If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, now none but Christ can satisfy.

Let us ask God for steadfastness
What God calls for He provides
Love always takes the initiative.
I recognize you on the bases of love
Duty is inadequate for Christians.

"If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: “A servant is not greater than his master.” If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours" (John 15:18–20

Two reasons people stay away from Jesus, one they feel they are too good for Jesus or they they feel they are they are to bad for Jesus.

God speaks and the Word comes

God breaths all the Scriptures "Jeremiah before you were formed in your mother's womb I knew you and made you a Prophet to the Nation's"

God's mind is made in speech through His Word. The utility workings of the Bible are directly related to His authority.

The Bible is absolutely all we need to live a life pleasing to God.

Paul tells Timothy the Scriptures are sufficient for the teaching and preaching for ministry.

God's words are powerful, when God speaks things happen, world was formed and will be destroyed when God speaks His words and actions are one in the same.

God's word is merciful He will never give up on us, His nature is patient plenty of time for anyone to find the Gospel.

The Word had become flesh in Christ. The Word of God is the primary way God speaks to us but not the only way.

The word of God is infallible and perfect.

The test of Scripture is beware of people who say this is something new or take out of context. Test their word by belief in Jesus.

We are to look at the Scriptures for our authority.

You bestow glory on me and you lift up my head.

"Who ever exalts himself will be humbled but the one who humbles himself will be exalted"

I only a need mirror to see a sinner.

The law empties and Spirit fills.

An awareness of God brings an awareness of Sin.

God spoke with Noah build an arc I will flood the earth but save your family. God spoke with Lot leave Sodom and Gamoroia I will burn city to the ground.

God speaks to us through the Word.

All your deepest longings of the human heart are answered in the Gospel.

Heaven and earth will pass away but not my word.

It is not possible to be faithful and popular simultaneously

Teaching the Scriptures is all about God and about the Gospel and His Glory.

The preacher is serving the Word not the Word serving the preacher, to really preach is to be totally naked.

Must listen to preachers or word of God with decriminalization, lack of attention is contempt.

In preaching you have a personal passionate plea with complete patience and careful instruction through God's Spirit to open blind eyes and soften hard hearts.

Do not be ashamed of Salvation.

The Gospel in compasses an entire view of life and addresses all the great questions of life without our aid.

God saved us from our Sin of which we are incapable of saving ourselves.

Salvation is actually not based on our own endeavors or personal righteousness instead is because of His own personal Grace.

Communion with Christ or our identity with Christ in public processing of declaring His Sacrifice also is illustration of communal Faith and opportunity to repent of Sins.

Whatever God says is guaranteed. When God says there will be a day of reckoning so surely there will be a day of reckoning.

Christ is the priest who came to bear our Sins. Christ the King comes to subdue our rebellion and reign as a Prophet who came to teach us.

Jesus directly as our substitute He died in
our place.

Christianity is not about something we must do but something that has already been done.

Saul the "Persecutor" became the "Persecuted was transformed from rebellion to submission.

All who desire to live a Holy life in Christ Jesus will be Persecuted.

We must embrace the encouragement of the Bible but also observe the warnings.

Jesus says we are to be joy in Salt and light in darkness.

Do not treat Prophesies with contempt. Do not put out the Spirits fire, test everything.

The Prophets and the Apostles are the foundation of the Bible it is established and not to be added to.

Duty is inadequate as motivating factor.

Love is foundational.

By nature we are blind to the Truth of Christ.

Reason for hope I trust you God my times are in your hands trained in the school of God's Providence.

God is the creator and sustain-er of everything, He is eternal, infinite and unchangeable, nothing happens except through Him and by His will.

God has one purpose to make you like His son Jesus.

Without the certainty of God's Providence life can become unbearable.

Prosperity not an occasion for pride, anxiety not bases for despair and adversity not an occasion for self pity.

Spirit has no distinction of race or gender one transformed by Christ Spirit is priority.

Seeing clearly, Think properly, Care deeply, Pray Earnestly.

God is not the author of temptation. He does not tempt us towards evil He has no evil thus impossible.

Temptation Begins with our own evil desire we live in a fallen world thus all our desires have potential for corruption and to be evil.

Enjoy deep seated conviction of the absolute Goodness of God.

Giving must be unanimous so that it comes from God eventually we come to God with nothing.

Am I giving beyond my ability and without being prompted.

Any act of Grace must start with the knowledge that it starts with the Grace of God.

"Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God"

God is giving thus or gratitude must release ourselves to be giving and create overflowing Joy.

Trials and extreme poverty should not hinder giving.

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give.

Paul tells Timothy (Apostles Doctrine) to speak the Word of God which He has given is to be used for instruction, correction, rebut and is profitable for the training of the righteousness of man.

The natural man does not see the Spirit thus the Gospel appears to be foolishness
Grace is the heart of the Gospel and Grace is the heart of God.

Jesus never takes away things away from our life in order to spill or lives but to make our life.

The Deceleration of Independence was done to give us liberty from a king (Henry) so we could pursue life, liberty, and happiness, the actual Truth is that we must submit to A King (Jesus) in order to receive true life, liberty and happiness.

The first will be the last and the last will be the first.

The poor ladies gift was measured by devotion not value or the weight and sound of coin dropping in gift container.

Disciples told Jesus they saw a guy casting out demons and they told him to stop, Jesus scolded them, the Disciples told Jesus we should keep those children quiet, Jesus scolded them, the Disciples asked Jesus the reception we had preaching in the town we just visited was poorly received should we we cast down fire and burn them and teach them a lesson, Jesus scolded them, the poor girl who was scolded for breaking expensive ointment on Jesus feet, Jesus scolded them.

When Jesus cured the blind man on the Sabbath and the accusers were questioning him the blind man simply told them "the one thing I know I once was blind and now I see"

It was said about Christ that He spoke with authority and conversed with tax collectors and sinners.

The flavor of Christianity is joy. Message of the angel is I bring you good news of great joy A Savior will be born.

God is the only one who heels hardened hearts and darkened eyes.

God chooses to use human agents even though success does not depend on them but God thus it humbles us.

God is largely unseen most do not see or experience miracles. Great encouragement God is working in our darkness and disappointments.

Emperors of our world are just a footnote but Jesus is king.

Those of this world who appear to have it all looks, money, fame are destined for terror without Christ.

Saul of Taurus was blind by a light and then sees Jesus and through God's mercy he was converted.

These Scripture stories reflect the path that we are born blind to Jesus so we must confess to our inner sinful nature and open our eyes to the Truth and light of Jesus through the Mercy of the Father. Thus the problem really less within us and the answer lies outside of us in Jesus.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Let your reasonableness made known to everyone. My citizenship is in Heaven I do not worry about earthly things, because the Lord is at hand and thus we eagerly await a Savior.

Why do I exist, what's the purpose of life? It is to enjoy and Glorify God forever, how do you accomplish this the Bible. Glorify God in everything.

The Scriptures call us to purity anything short of this is Sinful.

Our lives are marked by fragility and brevity we are born into the world Spiritually dead Jesus says I have come so that you may have life and life abundantly.

When God ask us why should we be saved because I believe Christ has paid for my sins with His blood, because His works are worthy, not, mine. Jesus saves us by His Mercy. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so that when we pray we have rebirth and we are able to glorify God.

Our good works cannot save us, even though good works don't save they are still important to God. These things are good and profitable for everyone. Good works are the fruit of Salvation and the Spirit. What are good works we need to service those of the least.

Where ever your treasure is that is where your heart is.

A person is justified by what he does and not by Faith alone.

Apostle James message contrast between true faith and false faith and not faith versus deeds. Example you run into someone who says they are in great need of food and clothing and someone says well I will pray that you get some food and cloths. James only finally was convinced his brother was Savior after Jesus's resurrection.

Whatever you did for the least of my brothers you did for me.

Giving to the poor is not is not the foundation of your salvation but the evidence that Christ Holy Spirit dwells within your heart. The presence of good deeds is not proof of Faith but the absence of good deeds can be proof of lack of Faith.

God will save all who believe.

Obtaining some of Scripture knowledge and little perspiration is not the same as the complete transformation that God brings about when He gives us birth from the Word of His truth so that His people produce first fruit.

Were not in need of education but Salvation.

Apostle Paul, works have no value in bringing a person into a relationship with Christ.

Apostle James, a genuine awareness of who Jesus is what will be evidence of God's deeds by Faith in Christ.

The answer to all the darkness, despair, oppression, warfare, is not found in all the concepts that the Bible urges us to understand but in a Christ the Bible urges us to Trust and in this Christ was a light and that light was the life of man and He established a peace that will not end. Jesus Christ is the source, sustains the goal of all created reality.

Exodus, Gods people said they wanted a king so God gave them kings, Saul, magnificent but failed politically, David was incredible but failed morally, Solomon was the wisest man ever but he failed religiously, his multiple wives turned his heart away from God, expectation of the people no one could fulfill their need.

The Bible is a book about Jesus old testament He is predicted and New Testament revealed. Old Testament participation's about New Testament are fulfilled what is concealed in old is revealed in new.

A child is born into us, wonderful counselor can answer all why and wherefore's as mighty God He is able to achieve plan, majesty, authority, victory my yoke is easy and my burden is light. All authority had been given to me so go and evangelize.

Book of Matthew best conveys prophesies of the old testament and fulfillment of the new testament. Jesus came as a ransom for the Sins of many. Miracles show the Glory of God in Jesus is made clear when Jesus healed the sick, walked on water He was displaying His majesty, dramatizing the nature and identity of His person as God. I'am the bread of life he who comes to me will never be hungry, gives sight to the blind and says I'am the light whoever follows me will not be in darkness but will have the light of life evidence that He is the mighty God.

The Bible proclaims Jesus is God the second person of the Trinity, always existed never created. Father, Son and Holy Spirit all the same, there was not a time He was not because He always was because He always was a co-equal to the Father one God in three persons a mystery. I know not why God's wonderful Grace had been put upon me cannot grasp with intellect only through Holy Spirit.

Many Disciples only 12 Apostles. Once I give you the Holy Spirit you will then understand all and be able to go out and spread the Gospel. The Apostles were unique in that they saw the risen Christ, they received Divine commission from Christ, inspiration of Gods Spirit thus fulfilled Old Testament, "Apostolic Authority"

Jewish Religious Prospective- Categories of Jewish Faith, 1. Orthodox, strict adherence to laws and rituals, dress codes, diet, daily prayer, Sabbath. 2. Conservative- strict view of Jewish beliefs but less emphasis on appearance and rituals. 3 Masonic- Believe Christ walked the earth but not Savior of Old Testament 3. Reformist- Jewish by blood and ancestry these Jewish people can actually be Atheist
Note- As a Christian find out beliefs and be sympathetic to traditions. Let people know their religion of laws was lost with Christ's resurrection and replaced with a new testament based on Faith

Nothing worse than someone with Spiritual pride when it is given to you as gift not earned.

The Wisdom of this world is folly to God.

True importance of seeing clearly no longer see people from a human point of view but Christ changes us, care deeply, think properly, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest go out and spread the Gospel.

Paul says to God three times please remove these thorns from my side. God says no for my ways are sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness, Paul says then I will Glorify in my weakness.

Why is there death in the world, "Tree of God and evil you shall not eat or surely will die" By a man death (Adam) so a man came resurrection or life.

Agnostic, don't know who made world.

Salvation not about religion or I've done this I've changed that thus I'm Christian. Salvation is not about what we do our say or works or endeavors but because of His own purpose or Grace not because we love Him but because He loves us not achieved but granted He saved us.

The Bible is God centered is basically about God, fundamentally not about us but about God and those who came into God. The Bible and everything about it leads to Christ and this book is about Gospel.

The Gospel informs and transforms all of life and all of history and the Gospel is changeless.

What is the purpose of attending church not primarily to increase Biblical understanding the aim is that the Scripture of God is proclaimed and we will encounter God in His Word and we will be changed by His will.

What is the purpose of attending church primary aim a text of Scripture is proclaimed we will encounter God in His word in a life changing way.

We will suffer in the name of Christ, Paul five times suffered forty lashes from the Jews, three times beaten with rod, once stoned, the ship wrecks, lost at sea, rivers, wilderness.

Good works characterized by how we serve, give, and by the way we live

Good works by the way we glorify God.

God's purpose for us is to have life and have life a abundantly and eternal life.

We receive our new nature through the Holy Spirit.

The Shepard were afraid an angel says "Don't be afraid I bring you good news in the city of David a Savior has been born.

The the wise men will find a Savior, Messiah, Lord in sackcloth in a Manger in a town that is held by Caesar Augustus that the Lord has made known to us.

Only through Faith could someone see the Savior as Savior in a manger or on a bloody cross by Grace through faith, finally by the Holy Spirit of God's love.

The story of Jesus is filled with angels, predictions and miracles it is central (foundational story is supernatural by intention yet factual) Equally imperative that our savior be born of a woman so to be equal to those of whom He must save. Equally imperative He be without Sin perfectly Holy it's going to take a supernatural invasion of a man to open oneself to God.

Why did God come to earth because God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son so that we may be saved, came to do for us what we cold not do for ourselves.

If you do not humble yourself as a little child you will not see the kingdom of God.

The Apostles spoke not from imagination but revelation God spoke to them through the Holy Spirit. An angel came to Mary and told her through the Holy Spirit you will bear a Savior. An angel came to Mary and told her Christ has risen. An arch angel will come to tell of the second coming of Christ.

The is no saving faith outside of Jesus Christ. Saving faith is the entrust or commitment of our lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior. We bring nothing in our hands we are totally at Christ's Mercy, not only saves us but brings the Holy Spirit to show what pleases Him.

To preach is to faithfully proclaim the Word of God in the light of the judgment of God what ever response of the people of God. We might Prayerfully support our preachers as we receive it gladly from God. Faith by itself if not accompanied by action is dead.

Those who are rich have trouble admitting they are lost. It will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.

The Word of truth is the Gospel of salvation.

Where the word of God is really taught Jesus is the teacher. Thus the Sol-em responsibility of any Preacher who teaches the Word of God.

It is in our weakness that the power of God is manifested.

If we ask anything according to God's will we will receive.

Power is not in the prayer but in power of God. Believing the promises of God.

When it's not a promise we cannot pray in Faith.

Some prayers are promised unconditionally. God fulfills our Prayers if we ask to fulfill His will or Kingdom and when we seek Wisdom.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. (Matt. 28:18–20)

We are not God's children by birth, or baptism or good works, we are God's children by spiritual regeneration and Grace and become adopted and reborn as God's spiritual children through our belief in Christ as our Savior. 
What is Fear of the Lord, respect, worship. understanding you cannot know the mysteries of God without the Holy Spirit's conviction and being reborn in the knowledge that only through Jesus Christ can one understand and receive Salvation period...
Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God.
The only true measure of righteousness is Jesus.
All our righteous deeds are but filthy rags. 
If there's any boasting to be done it is not about oneself but about the Lord.
Fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our Faith. 
Our hearts are far more wicked than we know.
Resurrection, Ascension, and Dominion, the power of Jesus Christ.