Hello and welcome to Spiritual page of the IOU studio

The bottom line to any spiritual growth, knowledge, development, or any aspect of Faith is that it is going to be individual. In other words you’re never going to talk someone into becoming spiritual or someone is going to talk you out of being spiritual. Thus we have many musicians and artist within the IOU studios who have no interest what so ever in anything remotely related to anything spiritual, which of course is fine there path is their path.

Too many times in our society today the extremes on both sides attempt to divide each other. Christian’s in the name of religion say judgmental and offensive things towards people that has nothing to do with the actual teaching or Spirit of the Gospel and non-believers say judgmental and offensive things towards Christians.

So this page is for those people who at least want to explore Faith. Thus my commitment and belief in my Faith is not meant to offend the non-believer and your non-belief should not offend me we should allow each other to enjoy each other as we are.

Deception is Satan’s most powerful tool so let’s try weed through the misguided myths and flat out lies and try to explore the actual truth about the Gospel, the unchangable Holy word of God. 


Random Spiritual Insights

Below are a random list of random Spiritual insights I've either written myself or taken directly from Bible or numerous Minister's. Francis Chan, Allistaire Begg, Charles Swindell, Matt Chandler, that  I've listened too over the years and they stuck to me. The important thing is that you find those Spiritual insights that stick to you for each of us have our own personal relationship with the Father wether we want to admit it or not is the whole key. 
I believe if you read these insights below it will be very difficult for you not to say hmmm maybe this is something I should at least look into, what could it hurt and if you incline to do so I recommend opening the Holy Bible and read it with a prayerful heart or find a minister you like and watch via internet or attend a church it will change your life forever !!! 
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