Erik Mackey

01-The-Gold-Rush-Gone-16x19--$165jpgs- 02 Artist On Top of the World 13x10  $145 03 Horsea Gander 10x13 $125 04 LIberty Shines 23x17 $225 05 Hitching On Broadway $200 06 Jammin on Time Square 13x10 $145 07 A Casual View 10x13 $145 08 Mt Hood Board Jumping 15x19 $165 09 Life on the 4th 31x21 $280 10 Tug Boat Enters World 31x21 $280 11 A Dangerous Bridge 7x9 $85 12 Cool Surfer Dude 20x30 $325 13 Cymbal of Sound 11x14 $145.00  14 Dancing Power of Light  $135.00 15 Dew On A Rose $105.00 16 Frozen 04222017 $175.00 17 Golden Mountain Reflects $165.00 18 His Guitar Sacrafice  $145.00 19 Majectic Style $175.00 20 Street Life  $125.00

Welcome my name is Erik Mackey and my original interest in photography began when I was a child and my Father would take me out for long walks in the woods and I would be his model for photographs and then we would go back to my Fathers dark room and watch the pictures come alive via the dark room with the chemicals they used back the those “Old’ but cherished era of Photography. The very first moment I saw a photo slowly rumbling along in the developer and then somehow magically come alive I was hooked and have been taking pictures ever since. 

For the past 25 years I’ve done pretty much every “Fine Art and “Commercial” aspect of photography there is including wedding, portrait, food, industrial, commercials, journalistic, Injury Attorney’s, gallery you name it. 

Currently I specialize in two specific areas of photography “Fine Art for Sale” and “Senior Portraits” and  for the simple reason these are the two areas of photography I’m most passionate about and great Art must always come from the inner most passionate center of who you are and who or what your portraying. 

So why would you actually take the giant step of purchasing one of my “Fine Art” photographs with your hard earned money? Well one reason is simple ascetics you just want to liven up and area in your home or office with original Art and creates a much nicer atmosphere and gives people something to talk about when they visit. Another reason for purchasing any original Art is investment you’re hoping one day the particular Artist will become well known and thus the Art work you purchased increases in value. So hopefully you take that leap of Faith and purchase an original Fine Art Photograph and enjoy for many years and it does increase in value. Please let me know any questions what so ever on my photographs for sale. 

Now with respect to “Senior Portraits” since this is the only commercial type photography I do you can rest assure your Graduate will be treated with a luxury photography and video package, which includes a beautiful montage musical video of the days photo shoot, and of course beautiful portraits taken within the Seniors choice of locations (general Lansing and surrounding area’s no problem) and formal portraits for the “High School Yearbook” plus a free 11X14 matted deluxe print enlargement. So you end up with package of prints wallets, 5X7’s 8X10’s and music video plus CD of every picture taken that day so you can reorder prints at your convenience. 

So bottom line if you’re looking for an Artist touch to your once in a lifetime Senior give me a call and we can meet and discuss what you’re looking for with respect to your cherished Graduate !! Look forward to hearing from you and making lasting memories you will cherish forever!!!  “Contact Page”