Erik Mackey

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Welcome my name is Erik Mackey and my original interest in photography began when I was a child and my Father would take me out for long walks in the woods and I would be his model for photographs and then we would go back to my Fathers dark room and watch the pictures come alive via the dark room with the chemicals they used back the those “Old’ but cherished era of Photography. The very first moment I saw a photo slowly rumbling along in the developer tray of the darkroom and then somehow magically come alive I was hooked and have been taking pictures ever since. 

For the past 25 years I’ve done pretty much every “Fine Art and “Commercial” aspect of photography there is including wedding, portrait, food, industrial, commercials, journalistic, Injury Attorney’s, gallery you name it. 

Currently I specialize in two specific areas of photography “Fine Art for Sale” and “Senior Portraits” and  for the simple reason these are the two areas of photography I’m most passionate about and great Art must always come from the inner most passionate center of who you are and who or what your portraying. 

So bottom line if you’re looking for an Artist touch to your once in a lifetime Senior give me a call and we can meet and discuss what you’re looking for with respect to your cherished Graduate. Or if looking for "Fine Art" photography for hanging lets talk about that !! Look forward to hearing from you and making lasting memories you will cherish forever!!!  “Contact Page”