Inward Outward Upward Studio Jams 3

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 In this day and age any little good news is a good thing and after three years since our last album release IOU studios and the band “Piper Avenue” finally have a new album to release “inward Outward Upward Studio Jams 3”

Of course with the Covid pandemic it was a very difficult and challenging three years to put this album together. Thus the songs on this album touch many area’s and the pandemic and all the effects of how the world has changed and the ways in which we can look forward and progress are covered. However there also some just very cool feel good music that is needed as well. 

So we at IOU studios hope you enjoy our new album and its collaboration style and feel. There was never a click track used in any songs and no autotune and basically most songs a very live recording method which we believe will give you a different and enjoyable listening experience and please just let us a know what you think good or bad love the feedback and come out to see the Band “Piper Avenue” 

Album is releasing on all streaming services November 1st 2022 So please check out and enjoy !!!! 

Sincerely from all the Humble artist of IOU Studio’s 

Enjoy listening on all the major streaming services