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 Welcome to the IOU Music studio if you’re looking for your typical recording studio that has bands come in charge $300.00 plus per hour recording time wam bam thank you mam you’ve come to the wrong place!!

Music Page Curently Under Construction will be fixed shortly !!!!!!!! 

IOU studio does record Band music and your very free to contact us and inquire into our rates and services. However if you’re looking for a studio doing something new and exciting and kicking energy you’ve come to the right place.

Basically what we’re doing and have done “IOU Studio Jam’s 1” was our first collaboration album and you can check it out on this web site. How this album and studio are different than most studios is we take in a collaboration of various musicians and song writers from all over the area, from all genres a musical interest and work together to create one awesome original album.

So what we’re doing is taking musicians out of their comfort zone of solo artist or working together as a band and throwing them in a melting pot with basically unknown musicians with different musical taste and working together on each other’s original songs. Thus were at the very starting stages of our next IOU album “IOU Studio Jams 2” so we want to welcome you to the process we encourage input, advice, encouragement and its possible you’re a musician or know a musician who could fit into the project feel free to send us a reply. Contact Us

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Preview of Studio Jams 2

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