"Thin Veil" by Erik Mackey

Many civilizations tread on a thin veil between total darkness and shaded grays.
Hundreds of generations continue to birth on clearly defined but divided sides.
A child's first breath is the air and ways of the culture of its born ways.
How deep those lives sink is as the soiled blood abides.
Deep in the far reached Congo years of worn torn strife,
leads to legends and folklore of a sinister life.
Where gangs of men rape and beat two year old infants and seventy year old Grandmothers for false hope of invisible youth and make believe manhood.
Leaving behind red scarred wounds and hearts that feel like broken wood.
How can we climb within the very soul of these tortured human’s
to feel the dirtied knife cutting skin and penetrating lust of angered viral legions.
To become solely violated, helpless, forever living with fear and death and sights of death.
One cannot truly feel the pain of broken bones on mere ink stained paper and electronic haze.
One can only dig deep within and mirror the memories of your pains and sorrows longing breath and pray your compassion is the source of the ultimate truth and changing and forgiving ways.