Gudmundina Haflidason

Gudmundina Haflidason cropThe daughter of an Icelandic Sea Captain, Gudmundina Haflidason began composing poetry in her native language when still a child. It was not until she moved to America and began attending school that she learned English. Mrs. Halfidason comes from a long line of Icelandic writers, and thus it is no surprise that her mother encouraged her to be a writer, too. But her interest in the fine arts influenced her to take up studies in ballet, music and drama.
It was not until she began to work in the psychiatric field, and later counseled teen-age deaf children, that Miss Haflidason developed satisfaction in her work, and with it came a renewed interest in writing.

Gudmundina’s books are all written with an old school classic and precise style that has been lost and may be lost forever, so enjoy these books which teach us about life, love and all the above.

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