Fellow IOU Artists

Iou Arts believes that music is yet another expression of inner self that is created outward and finally given upward. Music, of all kinds, speaks to deep and shallow parts of all of us. We invite you to check out our other musical friends and interests . . .

Local Band Links

Global Village: A 9-piece horn band that's been around and back again. 
The Squids: A classic rock band that makes any night fun.
Tommy Foster: 6-strings & a lot of entertainment.
Down to Four: Great kickin rock from a guitar-driven 4 piece 

Popular Band Links

Van Morrison: a classic cat who has been around for decades

IOUARTS Favorites

Marshall Crenshaw: Old family friend and way cool musician.

JT or English (Social Fox Recording Studio): Excellent recording studio and way cool dude !!

IOUARTS Favorite Movie Clips

Down to Four: Into the Storm: video taken at "the Loft" in Lansing, MI, CD premiere, editing by Erik Mackey
Digital Boogaloo
: 3 year old beat boxer . . .