Inward Outward Upward Studio Jams 2 - Musicians

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Musicians in somewhat chronological order who contributed to making of –

                     “ Inward Outward Upward Studio Jam’s 2”

Erik Mackey- Owner and Producer of “IOU Studio Productions” I basically have to give credit to all things in all ways to our Father above and loving parents and family. The humble truth is I actually should not still be here and have no actual talents whatsoever. So basically proof and encouragement to anyone if I can pull off an album anyone can.

Leah Wise - In the many years of doing this studio thing one thing has remained constant the musicians who are the humblest and yet still confident in their abilities are always the best and this is certainly the case with Leah. Leah is one of those people who has her Faith, and her family first in her life and all other things just fall into place from there and speaking of family her little daughter Bailey deserves a category all to herself. 

Jonathan (JT) Anderson-  Ok let’s just get it out right away this is by far the biggest jokester of the group bar none. Musically his skills as drummer have no bounds with instincts and skills unmatched but he also plays guitar, writes songs and has the best progressive rock voice you’re ever going to hear. He is also my go to sound man on this album and has his own soon to become the best ever studio “Social Fox Studio’s”

Zach Sokolowsky- now here’s the original piano man and vocalist extraordinaire. When Zach first came into studio said he could not really write songs, but went on to become one of the best song writers we have and an amazing human to boot for sure!!!!!!!!

Tim Hayes- Freakin Guitar Phenom is usually the first thing people say when they hear Tim play guitar. Tim originally got his interest in guitar with odd combination of jazz and heavy rock influences, thus his awesome blend of guitar styles. One of the most genuinely kind hearted people I’ve ever known.

Rob Carpenter - He is our “Mr. Low End” make the glue slide together bass master. Originally learned bass via a traveling church band. Rob is super helpful for he has a wide variety of musical taste. Personality wise Rob is Mr. Even Keel never super up and never super down which if you know bands this is critical to have on board a steady ship to keep the mutinies at bay.

Marina Carpenter - This is Bass man Rob’s daughter. Marina is young and just full of more talent and energy than she knows what to with but seriously very talented vocalist and songwriter plus contributed art work for our this album. Marina has no pretense or artificial front and would be nice if more people on this earth were like her, no mysteries or surprises you get what you get.

Ken Davenport- Pretty sure Ken came out the womb playing a guitar and whose passion and love for music to this day must be admired. The thing you love about Ken is he is who he is.

Jamy Hengesbach- He is like our Mr. All American. Plays pretty much anything you can attach strings onto.

Tom Cocozzoli- Tom has retired from the MSU library and visited our studio twice and let’s just say he prefers a little more organized studio arrangement but extremely talented songwriter guitarist and artist.