Apr 24, 2018 Funk Farm Music Video (IOU Bands First Music Video Live)

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    Years and years ago were all jammed in the studio we got a full session and good buddy of mine met in the Cable Television work days his name was Tom not a musician but welcome guest. Well lets just say music and everything imaginable was flying. Another music buddy of studio Mark G was jamming out a bass guitar riff and Drummer Dave was throwing down beat. Anyway Dr T (Tom) was feeling no pain and starting rapping some lyrics out and I said hey write em down. 

   So anyway here we are many years later and decide to do a quick first band video just figured turn on recorder and camera’s and let it fly. Now band had played song before a couple times and even played live at our Auditorium concert couple months ago. 

    Anyway here it is “Funk Farm” about a music, party, farm, and probably something we need a little more of these days !!! 

 Funk Farm Music Video